About Us


UniRide has been an idea long in the making. Now a days there are numerous apps out in the marketplace, but unlike almost all of these we’re not selling you a product or service, we’re launching a platform for you to save money on your travel and meet people on the journey. Our founders were all out of state students at Purdue University that would constantly ride shuttles and drive ourselves to the airports to get home halfway across the country.

UniRide is a ridesharing platform to reduce the cost of long distance travel by saving the rider and driver money. Our objective is to fill up your car with passengers that are going to your same destination, saving everyone time and money. If you need to get off some other destination or somewhere along the way, feel free to reach out to a driver who is going that way and ask. It’ll be a bit more, but it’ll be cheaper than what you normally do.

Our dream is to be the main mode of transportation between towns and cities all across the US at an affordable cost that benefits both the riders and drivers.

UniRide offers attractive awards for regular use in the form of reduced costs at the gas station, useful car accessories, and cash back for the number of rides completed. We are not just another business trying to get as much money as we can, we are offering a complete transportation shift that will compete against all the standard modes of travel.

Help us make this dream a reality!